The Silent Space Of The Heart!

When all of life's  dreams appear to fail hold dear your dreams even closer.dream all that you have dreamed, for no dream is to large or small for the silent space of the heart.., for in the moment we enter the silent breath of our hearts, awareness is brought  forth into this world. Gently bringing my attention to breath and feeling the the journey inward i bring forth all that i dream to the spaciousness of the heart. this is the bridge between the the dreams and dreamer. the force that enables us to dream, that which makes  thought possible the silent awareness ecohes from deep within . Have i forgotten or just maybe all this was the pointer to that which makes all dreams reality. this silent yet all knowing force of intelligence i call home. this to me is the doorway to to the soul.the outer would no longer has power for the real power comes deep from within our being. this essence brings forth any and all that we have dreamed in perfect order for now the dessert of the other would appears for what it is, that which we have dreamed. The more we dream the more we call forth this life force that yields to our hearts  desire to know who we really are, the dreamer and the dream, this is were two hearts become one!

jhonspl jhonspl
51-55, M
Mar 4, 2010