I Love Spongebob And It Runs In The Family Lol =d

I love spongebob and have since the day in 2005 when my sister was hoging the tv and put spongebob on. Lol

I know have a wall and a half dedicated to spongebob in my room. Lol and I counted and I have over 60 spongebob things and that's just in my room lol.

When I was in gade 5 or 6 my ex step mom got me a pair of spongebob bedjamas and I tryed wearing them to school as just and out fit. For some reason my Mum wouldent let me lol and I tryed to do the same with the spongebob nighty that I got for chirsmas in grade 5 or 6. Lol. I am now 16 and still love spongebob. Wich is fun y cuz my Mum told me I couldent get a spngebob game in grade 5 or 6 cuz I would grow out of it lol so much for that lol.

The love of spongebob seems to run in my family my cousin steph who is 20 somthing loves spongebob and has too
dedicated to spongebob and had a spongebob stove lol

and my uncle clay who is 30 or 40 somthing loves spongebob to. I like to say that's why he married into the family lol =D
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18-21, F
Jul 26, 2010