Can We Say Shoes From Texasare Dumb?

Yep, kudos if you know the quote.
Basically what I want to say is how I am a Nerd. The only Nickelodeon shows I watch nowadays is Spongebob & Avatar.
And I watch Spongebob A LOT. If it's on, I switch to it just like That! So I have come to a point I can quote full episodes, & I even do it unintentionally. I just do so much now, I am The Spongebob Squarepants guy. And many people get annoyed by it.
Luckily I have a good friend who is on the same wavelength as me & we can go back & forth at it. We at times at points we pretty much acted out an entire dialogue of an episode. It's sort of sad to some, but it's good fun for Us!
So....Quote time:
"Prepare to be burden by the Haunting memories of my Ghostly ghost....PIRATES!!"

"Squidward: (busts head through the door) Yes IT DOES!! You call yourself good neighbors? You're the worst neighbors, ever! You don't deserve to wear those FFFFEZZES!!!" (takes SpongeBob & Patrick’s hats and stomps them into the ground)
"SpongeBob: Gee, Pat, maybe president Squidward's right."
"Patrick: Yeah, I guess we're not good neighbors after all."
"Squidward: No you AREN'T! You're HORRIBLE neighbors! *deep breath* Annnd STOP CALLING ME... President!"

"or scallops will fly out of my PANTS!!"

Yeah...whatever you get the point.
Spongebob IS an AWEsome show!!!

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Jul 31, 2010