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I Love Spontaneity.....

I love the spontaneous person that I am..  Even though it would sometimes drive my partner crazy...

There has been so many times when I have woken up in the morning and am like I want to do something, anything..  Then I'm like lets go on a road  trip..  My kids often think I'm crazy, but I can get them all excited, jut through my enthusiasm..   I may have no destination in mind, just start driving..  Last time I did that I ended up in San Fransisco..  That trip ended up being so much fun.. We just stopped along the way picked up a couple of disposable cameras to remember that day..  We ended arriving on the day of an air show and ate hot dogs on the grass by the bay..  Needless to say San Fransisco is 4 hours from us and I have never driven in the city in my life..  But now it's such a great memory...

Impromptu visits to family, picnics, and trips to the park are awesome...

When you are with me be prepared for anything.. You never know just where we may end up..

CaliGirl3 CaliGirl3 36-40, F 4 Responses Nov 15, 2008

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Lol.... :) Yee haw's right....! ((hugs))

Come along CA... Anywhere ya wanna go... xxxxxx

Exactly... Plan something and it never turns<br />
out the same.. Too restricted.. Ya know schedules..

Hotshot41, The planned trips never seem to be nearly as much fun... The impromptu trips are way more exciting because you never know where your gonna end up... You could end up in LA or the coast... You just don't know... Like I said way more fun... :-)