Unplanned Is Good

I hate making plans that no matter how well thought out and confirmed always leaves room for those plans to fail due to some trivial uncontrollable detail. Lost luggage, delayed flight, road closure, overbooked hotel, the list goes on and on. Once one plans something out they create for themselves expectations and mental pictures of how the end result will be, which if not met are a disappointment. Spontaneous travel on the other hand means that whatever was meant to happen will happen. No preset plans, no preset route, no preset anything, just take it as it comes.Spontaneity is much more rewarding than schedules, plans and preset destinations. The same goes for other things in life besides road trips, I remember going camping with a buddy then making a detour and winding up going to a Lilith Fair concert 100 miles away from our destination where we camped just for the party. Fun times. Spontaneous and unplanned is good and full of surprises. There's something very refreshing about heading out for the grocery store and ending up in another state you've never seen.

neonshades neonshades
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

I am a planner and a list maker. Having said that...I love an adventure, so I plan when to be spontaneous. If that makes any sense?