I am obsessed with ridding the entire galaxy of Grox ! I am in the process of surrounding the center of the galaxy out past the grox realms. I am methodically blasting their planets to bits. One day, victory will be mine ! It may take me a year or two but I am doing it. Muwuhahahahaha

This is my Cheshire Bat.


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LOL at first thought that came into my mind you love my country, Singapore which short form is SPORE.<br />
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I know this is a low level intellectual comment, hope you can accept it:P

Yes. I think they made a version for one of the console games too but the PC game is the one that has everything. For me, PC games were almost impossible because my fingers can't handle the fast keyboard movements, but spore is all mouse so for once I get to play a great game. It's not just the game, the artistic aspect is very fun. You can build any creature you can think of and it instantly animates. Animals, aliens,cars, spaceships, buildings. The game is about evolution so you can start your creatures in the amoeba stage and evolve them or just start right out in the space stage. It's a neverending game and you decide what your goals are.

is it a PC game?

Hee heee :) Grox are kinda like Borg Frogs. They don't negotiate. So, if you are tired of paying for all the damages to your colonies, you get angry like I did and go on Grox hunts. Defeating them with the usual weaponry is about impossible so you have to sell spice to buy planet blasters and simply blow up the Grox planets..which can be a little hairy because you have to be in the planets atmosphere to do it, but it's the only way. Of the spore universe, when you blow up a planet it does'nt effect the positions of planets in close proximity like it does in our universe, but that might of been a little too much programming for maxis. It's a great game to play when you are po'd. or feeling creative. It suits about any mood. AND you get to cvreate your own spaceships ! They handle differently depending on what you do to them.

confused... really, really confused... ;)