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Sports Addict

How could I not love sports? All my children play sports.My oldest daughter ran Track and played Soccer since the age of 5 she is now 19,Middle daughter is 14 and played Soccer but now plays Volleyball only and my son 13 played Soccer as well but now plays competitive baseball.So Yes I love sports. From football,to basketball,to soccer,track ,baseball,volleyball,and tennis! I couldn't imagine my life without sports..I mean what would I watch on TV...
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 20 Responses Aug 3, 2011

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HAHA...think so...:-)

**Blushing** Thank You so much!! :-)

WEll I love Sports...Basically all I watch!! :-)

Yes it would be..Luckily we don't have to find out!!!

how boring life would be without sports:)

That is true mine have come a very long way...Love to watch them play

Ha, ha, I love it! I agree there wouldn't be much to watch on tv if it wasn't for sports. Still more exciting to watch my kids play and develop their skills!

So true I've been soccer,ba<x>seball,football and volleyball mom and have all the Tshirts to prove it..and now I am VP of the volleyball booster club..because I didn't have enough to

LMBO> I know this feeling well.

Thanks EL my children all started playing sports at the age of 4 and we've never looked back....It is time consuming and very expensive but we wouldn't change it for the world....As far as video games my son can only play his PSP on the weekends and my daughter her DSi the same. So no over indulgence on video games here... <br />
<br />

Sporting activities are great. Far too many children spend most of their time twitching in front of the tv with a Wii remote or something similar. Participating in sports is much more fun and the benefits are numerous. The children keep healthy and fit as they are active. They feel that they are part of a team and can feed off the positive energy and enthusiasm they get from the other team members. It helps with building up their confidence and gives them such a wonderful sense of achievement.<br />
<br />
It is great that you are helping your children in this way, I know how much time, as a parent, you spend running back and forth chauffeuring them from event to event. Pat yourself on your back, you’re a obviously a great mom and a fantastic role model :)

Well we watch on TV when we have time...My son plays ba<x>seball year round and my daughter plays volleyball year round too..

where would we be without sport..

Glad you finally converted..better late than WELCOME!!

Awww girl thanks...Now you know I can't argue with how great my kids Thank you so much for your kind words....

Your children are so well rounded...gifted athletically and academically, and I bet they're stunning to look at too...:) how could they not be...? their Mom is pretty terrific...!!

I was very athletic but cannot take all the credit... :-)

Were you athletic when you were your children's ages? Or did they get all their athletic ability from their papa? :)

Burn you know I HATE THE COWBOYS!!!

So am I coming over on Sundays to watch the Cowboy games? lol