What Is A Sport Anyway?

What is a sport anyway? What kind of question is that?

Well I have always wondered why I loved sports so much as a kid, and how it has never gone away.
What is it that makes me love playing so many of them? 
Playing sports is a very natural thing to do.  We all like to feel good, feel the wind in our sails.  Like when we take a good morning skate, or a good morning walk or swim.  We get a feeling of the thrill of the wind in our sails.  It is uplifting.

I think a sport is a kind of celebration of being born embodied.  The ancient Greeks used to think so too.  If you have a body you want it to feel good, to feel it has been used and enjoyed.  Sports let us do that.
When the sport is competitive, we like to win because we love to celebrate the victory of a happy life.  We34 have applied ourselves and can celebrate that we have achieved something:  a victory.

That is why, when I see people who treat sports as if it belongs to them, and don't care if they destroy the credibility of a sport in some way, usually by some sort of cheating, I get very upset.  I think it is our responsibility to maintain the credibility of all sports for future generations. 

Sports belong to all of us, not just to the professional athlete, or the referees, or league.  It is OUR game, it is not the NBA's, MLB's, or any group that may be running the sport.  So they must treat the sport with respect because it is everyone's, not just theirs. 
Tuck Tuck
56-60, M
Jun 24, 2012