I Am a Fanatic.

i'm not exactly your average female, i could tell you the scores from last nights game or i could talk to you for hours about fashion, but right now i'm talking about sports. honestly, i'm close to upsessed. i've always been involved in sports since i was young, i was put into dance and soccer at a young age. this year i've played or will be playing, volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, and hockey. of course i'd love to play more but my schedule does not allow it. i played on a provincial soccer team this year and we placed first after an incredible season, it was definitely the highlight of all my soccer playing. i'm also a dancer which is a huge commitment and i've been doing it the longest, i dance on tuesdays and thursdays for three hours each. i'm hoping i'll be able to take my dancing career somewhere, but if not i'll definitely continue to dance. volleyball has to be almost at the top of my list, i absolutely love it. i'm playing on the city team as well since our school season has finished. basketball is a new sport i've recently taken up, but trust me i havent always enjoyed it. i actually could say that i used to hate it, but this year i started to enjoy it more and actually made the senior team. now, i'm a basketball fan as well. like i needed another sport but oh well. tennis is a sport that the family has always played, it's bonding time for us and we actually have a single court on our property. we spent so much time down playing, we thought it would we quite useful. my sisters always insist on a few games when they come home to visit so it definitely doesn't go to waste. finally, believe it or not i play hockey. it's an all girls team with ages ranging from seventeen to nineteen so i'm on the younger side but i don't mind but i've played on many teams over the years. i could honestly go on and on and on but i don't want to bore you guys so i'll keep it somewhat short at this.

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haha i'm usually treated as one of the guys, especially during sports. they definitely don't go easy on me haha. but i survive, luckily. i love ice hockey, skating is something you keep on improving on too that's for sure.

awe, i'm a runner as well. i'm hoping to be able to make time for it when it comes around. i don't want to miss out haha and as for cheerleading our coach passed away this year and then no one had the heart to find a new one and start it up again :( i love watching football as well or throwing one around haha.

Great story. I love sports as well. I played volleyball, softball, cheered, and ran cross country in high school. football is my fav sport to watch.