Every year I counsel myself... ok this is the last time I am participating in competitive sports...( beacuse I need to use this time in perparing for enterance exam).. and I end up checking my name on the list.. everytime... I am a national level badminton player. I have tried my hand at basketball, volley ball, table tennis, chess, relay, long jump, high jump what not... only badminton is the sport I am not able to stop. Its addictive.... any sportsperson will agree with me..... who can forget the way crowd cheers you at every single point you score... The joy of out smarting the opponent.... the incredible feeling of winning a game... the swift movements... the alert mind.. haa.. its an awesome             feeling !!!!!

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1 Response Aug 27, 2007

I got here by way of the comment on random posts feature. I am surprised that no one has commented in over two years. I like your enthusiasm, your words caused me to enjoy a brief feeling of high-spirited passion.