Forest Gump..

I like to run...i've running for almost 13 forest gump....i've run in almost every part of the day and night, in rain, freezing temperatures, on an offshore oil field....i am grateful to God!! anybody who reads this, do some sport regularly bcoz  one side advantage is u flush out frustration, most of tension and u'l get fersh...its an experience..maybe u need to try this too!! :-)

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yeah man.....thats where willpower counts...****!!it counts everywhere...

wow, ur time is amazing for my good old days...haha...we used to try to beat each other in races without keeping any time track (actually, i never bothered to keep a watch or ask time keeper abt my time). but about a year back, i checked my time running solo, it was 20 mins for 5 kms. yeah...i know...its slow...

thanks honey! i checked, i ran the 5k at 25 mins.. hehehe.. is that long? well, at my age, i really think i did well.. most importantly i fun!<br />
<br />
the different kinds of aerobics i learned thru the years... practise makes perfect.<br />
<br />

oh man..we thought we were the only experienced ones over be honest, i have never danced...but i can guess u must be exceptional to do so much stuff...probably u need a little more than extra energy to do all this..hmmm....i have been running continuously, i used to be in first 5 or 6 guys in a mile or long distance....but never won...since u hv won 5k races too, got to respect u...keep going lady...

hi! i love running thou i do it a lot faster in a threadmill... i won a 5K fun run twice,.. but the time wasnt spectacular. i bet ur faster than i am... i am an exercise fanatic.. been a regular gym goer for 17 years i think... aerobics dancing is what i love doing... Hi lo dancing, tae bo, step aero, belly dancing, combat cardio, extreme, whatever!!! ...... one secret, i have to get my dose of caffeine first to do this things w/ estra energy thou..

yes man....doing some exercise regularly is a phenomena and way of life....and is this ur dp....looks like u do some serious stuff....and for whoever sees this, now there are two experts advice for novice....hahaha