The Change Around

Out of the dark and grey reminders of the killing and isolating force of winter's cold breath, two flowers champion through each year - the snowdrop and the daffodil.  The first stands alone, isloated and delicate, yet resistent to the death of winter.  The latter comes forward in an instant burst of bright yellow, energy, and cheerfulness and inspires when seen- as it stands in there, almost cheekily grinning to beckon out the sun and call and end to winter and the cold.

It beckons forth to the awaking world - little lambs jump in energy throughout the fields, new buds and colours are seen in the gardens, the world becomes alive again, and in that it inspires those living within it- the spring cleaning of the nests that have been a comfort and shelter against the cold, dark wind, day trips to enjoy the country that was isolated and ignored by all but it's inhabitants during the former months

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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

You have such a strong and wonderful way with words. Very well written. I am so thankful Spring has sprung and the beautiful vegetation once again, exists around us.

Thank you...this is beautiful.

Awwww.... that's cool... :-)