Dancing Colour

Spring is not far away now.  I am tempted to say it’s my favourite season but I seem to say this about the start of each new season.  Maybe it’s the waiting for a change in the weather, and wanting to enjoy something different to the last several months.

Spring brings with it, perfectly warmed breezes that blow through my house, causing curtains to rustle gently.  But best of all it brings beautiful colour to not just my garden, but all the gardens around me.  Bobbing in the breeze are a colourful collection of new flowers and their buds, all waiting to burst free and feel the sun.

There is the soothing hum of busy bees working their magic on my delicate flowers collecting pollen.  And butterflies flitting about, looking for just the right flower to rest upon.

Spring is nature’s way of waking up all that was sleeping over the winter months, including me.  The days are always so beautiful, well from my fond memories anyway, as I am still waiting for the warmer days of spring to arrive and bring the explosion of fragrant beautiful flowers. I hope its all I remember it to be.
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1 Response Jul 28, 2010

I love Spring also,the start of new life,so much to look forward to :-)