Took My Breath Away

Today, it is grey and cloudy where I live.  Its cold and damp too.  My least favorite kind of weather.  And the owner of the bus company where I work has disconnected the heater in the buses. Why?  I don't know.  So there I was, cold, damp and grouchy, about to drop the kiddies off at their stop, when I turned a corner and drove right smack into creation.  There were rows and rows of dwarf cherry trees in full blossom. Some of the pedals had fallen and blanketed the ground with their pink.  Branches, near and low enough, brushed the sides of the bus and draped  the windows.  In the middle of the road, there was an island of large old growth evergreen hedges with blooming Dogwood trees growing right out of the middle of each hedge!!!!  The kids all ooohed and aaahed.  How many times have I entered this developement since September and never anticipated Spring!  If I knew where to find that long ago landscape designer, he'd get a big kiss on each cheek from me and all the kids.

LilAnnie LilAnnie
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1 Response Apr 28, 2008

Here we are a year later. <br />
<br />
I am so loving these blooms.. the birds chirping.. wind chimes singing softly in the background... <br />
<br />
~ bye bye winter blues ~