The Beginning of It, At Least.

Where I live today it was 85 degrees, which is a bit above normal for early March.  However, the comfortable mid-seventies don't last too long before spring becomes full on summertime.  It will get unbearably hot, and quick.

But the part I love about spring, aside from the flowers, is in the very beginning.  It's a feeling I get every year when we start using the air conditioner.  After being outside for awhile, you walk in and feel that air conditioner on your skin.  It reminds me of being on vacation and walking into a hotel room in the summertime.

I know, that's probably weird.  But that first feeling of relief in the air conditoner each year sparks up nostalgia for me.

I also enjoy when the Easter bunny hops into town.  I get candy, the family cooks a nice dinner...  And, oh yeah, I get to drink soda for the first time in SIX weeks!

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I totally know what you mean about the first AC of the year. I live in a pretty hot place myself, and although it doesn't get up to the 80s until about April or May, it still gets pretty hot. But not only is it the feeling of the cool air on my skin that makes me nostalgic, but also the smell of it. It's probably some really unhealthy dusty air that's coming out of an air conditioning system that's been laying dormant for months, but it's a familiar smell nonetheless. It makes me think of days where it would be too hot for my parents to go do chores all the time and for my sister and I to play outside, and so the entire family sits in the living room with ice cream watching TV. It's a good part of my youth