Welcome Springtime!

When I lived in the South I never appreciated Spring.  It was always green with flowers blooming, and Spring just meant it was going to get really hot, really soon!  And I don't like heat!  

But since I have moved up North, Spring has become one of my favorite times of year.   After months of brown grass and bare trees (not much snow this year), when everything suddenly turns green and bursts out in flowers, it's amazing!!!

I have started to see the first signs of Spring.   Two weeks ago the robins arrived.   We've had a little rain and this week the grass turned green.   There are red buds on a lot of the trees.  The forsythia bushes at work have the first blossoms.   The daffodils are getting tall and starting to bud.   And today I saw my favorite little harbinger of Spring - a skinny little groundhog on the side of the road!   Poor little guy - that hibernating really took a lot out of it!

In a couple weeks I'll be going into DC to see the cherry blossoms, always a gorgeous sight!   Nature in all her glory!    Welcome Springtime!

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

...^^...u never know how much u want something until it gone...

That is a nice story you wrote and it made me happy to read it. Spring is my favorite season, too, wherever I am. But I love them all -- each has its own beauty and good things about it, don't you agree?