We call them sprinkles and hundreds and thousands. Whatever you call them, I love them. they're great. Ice-cream just wan's the same without them.

And fairy bread....anyone else remember fairy bread? Bread and butter with sprinkles on it. Yummy!

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I want too......but I'm not sure this is the right group for it! :P<br />
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*spanks herself* I'm sorry, I'll TRY and behave now.

You mean you DON'T call it fairy bread over there? That in itself is an international travesty which must be righted. The application of sprinkles to lightly margarined white bread, which is then cut into fingers or into quarters and placed upon a quaint little plate before being called fairy bread and happily munched upon is the only course I see fit to rectify this appalling situation.

Whoo. I am such a big kid. I already told my mum that I am, I repeat, AM, having fairy bread at my 21st. I don't care how infantile it sounds. You're only as young as you feel...or as I was told once, as young as the person you're feeling :P

NO I can't say I have. however I can see that it would work...I mean it's carbo's plus sugar...which is the same as bread really...only starchier :P<br />
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I have a queer stomach too...I am a bit of a beggar for raw biscuit and cake mix...much to everyone's disgust lol

Have you tried them with hot boiled spuds and butter?<br />
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I know! I have a queer stomach!