Used To Have A Pet Squirrel

Not so much a pet, but a rescued young squirrel. I called him 'Skillet' while I was caring for him. I had him for about a week, and once he recovered I gave him to my girlfriend's mom, who had actually raised a few of them. Crazy family.

Anyway, I miss him. And to this day I still brake for squirrels.
hailtothethief hailtothethief
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I never gave a squirrel much attention. One spring a Mother squirrel & her 4 babies started visiting my patio. The more crackers I gave them, the more friendly they became.I could hand them a cracker & it was a joy I really like those furry cuties.

they are a lot of fun. they also have more personality than people give them credit for.