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Maybe it's lame, but simply put... I love Squirrels and Squirrels love me.

Perhaps it was the bucolic setting of living on Long Island, where my childhood home sat on almost an acre, as well as, having acres of woods behind the property.   My childhood was spent picking wild blueberries, chasing rabbits and taming squirrels. 

A childhoold filled with nature has created an adult which cannot fathom living away from a natural setting without all of nature's birds and animals.   
Each day, I need to experience the company and graces of GOD's creatures.   The birds and especially the Squirrels remind me that I am part of a planet, part of something wonderful.

If it may only be for a minute as I get into my car to go to work or return home, I am always greeted by the neighborhood Squirrels either on the sidewalk as I walk to my gate or for one in particular, named Sarah, who will run along the top of  my fence or sit waiting for me in my courtyard looking into the kitchen windows to get my attention for me to come out.  

These wonderful creatures, called Squirrels,  have a way of bringing a smile to my face.

For Sarah, I often leave some nuts out for her in my courtyard...she usually visits in the morning hours.

One morning as I walked out the door to go to work and there she was (Sarah), loudly squeaking in her squeaky clickety click voice..creating a ruckus...and It was all so if yelling at me saying "Where have YOU been?  Where's my nuts?" 
As I shut the courtyard door and headed down the sidewalk, Sarah now chases after me running along the top of my fence...following me
"...Squeeak Squeeak Squeeeeeeeaaaaak  ....And just where do you think.... your going?  What about the nuts?  Have you forgotten! !  Aren't you giving me nuts today?"

"Sarah, I'm late today, I''ll give them to you when I get home".

Then Sarah, as if her histrionics of incessant squeaking noises aren't enough, she resorts to her "tail drama".   Sarah uses her big fluffy tail to perform a dramatic series of  tail moves and acrobatics which are finely orchestrated with her squeak in a breathtaking Squirell Concerto Grosso.   It actually looks as if her tail takes a life of its own and it's a real show, which I call  the  'KILLER TAIL DANCE'.

That's when I know she's seriously running out of patience with me.... (to put it nicely).

"Alright, alright..."
Had to go back into the house to get a handful of her much demanded "whole peanuts still in their natural shell".

And just what does Sarah do with the peanuts she was in such a BIG hurry for?

Why, she takes them straight to her garden to bury them, of course.
Oh, make that.... "my" garden.

This little drama queen has me late to work once again ....but at least now, I'm assured,  Sarah has the peanuts safely stored away in "our" garden.

Just where they belong.    : )
DreamWizard DreamWizard 41-45, F Mar 5, 2011

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