I love squirrels!  They are cute and have those bushy tails.    I do not see a problem with having squirrels come to my bird feeder.  They have to eat, too!  I put out plenty for everybody.    I used to go to a park where they would run right up your leg and take a peanut from your hand!  I kind of consider squirrels to be my totem animal.  I love their liveliness and fun.  And I have had them show me very interesting things in nature that I might have missed.    Whenever a squirrel is around I pay extra attention.

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

How cute! I don't think I've ever seen baby squirrels!

When I started my bird feeders it was wonderful fun and then the squirrels began to come. They quickly became my favorites. The high point of my day is sitting and watching them and their antics. Today there were 4 babies all competing for the feeders and the mother ignoring them (because they are getting much bigger now and on their own). I'm getting to know each one and its a thrill...

Squirrels are really cool, smart animals. I feed them too.

I love animals too. My husband would try to hunt squirrels and I try very hard to keep him from killing those sweet things.