My Squibs

i came home from work one day to find my son at the door with two baby squirrels running up his leg. I asked my son where they had come from and he went on to tell me that they were running about over the park, they were too young to be out i had never seen a squirrel so small and i knew they wouldnt survive without their mother. i took them back over to the park to see if i could locate where they belonged on the way over noticed a dead adult squirrel in the main road. after searching i decided that i would try to keep them until they were old enough to let back out into the wild. They couldnt jump or feed themselves they were just clinging, i thought perhaps their mother had been killed some time earlier and being hungry they had left their nest or whatever it is squirrels live in. anyway i had a bird cage which was empty so i stuck them in there made a soft bed and stuck a bowl of warmed milk with bread in it, i had no idea how to look after them but anything was better than leaving them to die. Anyway a few weeks went by and they were jumping about flying around the cage and i knew it was time to let them go, i phoned up the local r.s.p.c.a and they sent someone around to get the squirrels as they were leaving i asked what they would do with them, to which they replied well they are looked at as vermin, we will kill them. I said over my dead body you will, whats the alternative, they said well you could take them back to where you initially found them and set them free. So i walked over the road and set them free. The cage i took and put in my garden, just incase...well the following morning i got up and decided to look in the cage, and there they were both squirrels back inside all nestled up. I left them outside and moved the cage to a  safer place. They gradually went further and further until one day they left for good. But my garden always has squirrels visiting, i always wonder is that my squibs!.      

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thank you catty

yes i agree

what does!

well whatever the situation we try and that's the main thing isn't it. Everything deserves a chance to live!.

oh i do believe they have souls! after all we are all animals. I just seem to have a connection. I have dogs turn up on my doorstep barking and its not a boy dog thing coming for my female, but female and males alike. Even had one living in my garden a stray which me and my son managed to coax into the house. That dog saved my life i had a fire and he alerted me, my own dog just sat there. A few days later he was reunited with his owner he had been missing a while, ihad named him snoop his name was samson, i knew it was an s as i went through the alphabet and thats the letter he reacted to!. Somehow he managed to find my garden!, i must admit i do feed the squirrels birds and the dog was just another visitor in that way. <br />
I have been saving animals since i saved a dying pigeon when i was about five i saw what i thought was a dead bird in a river and then i saw its head move, i called a park keeper and he told me it wouldnt live even if he did get it out he walked away. I jumped in the river, despite my brothers and sisters saying also to leave it, i got it and took it to safety and i sat with it until it came back to life and flew away. I refuse to turn my back, i couldnt its not in my nature to do that to man nor beast!.

thank you i am sure they must. But im not sure i like the thought of part of my soul going with them saving animals is something ive done since i was a child i would like to believe that they see it as home.

i'm sure they do too!:-)

A wonderful story! I wish everyone was as kind as you! And how cute to find them come home to "their" cage to sleep! I'm sure they still come back! :-)

awwww!! i dont see them much around my way (miami) but when i do i cant help but point and go aww lol

Oh I love this story, your kindness, and the thought of the cute squirrels! The thought that someone could have put them down is so sad though. Thank you for taking the time and energy to save their lives!!! One time my dad had a sick squirrel in his yard. I went online and actually found a wildlife rehab located an hour away. I emailed them and they called me right back. They were very concerned and was about to send somebody down to pick it up to have it checked out. By then though, it had disappeared. At least I know yours had a happy ending!