Since it's always been just my wife and I, I am naive and inexperienced.  About a year and half ago, I began my research and quest into squirting and dared to add my "knowledge" to a squirt post or 2.  I didn't know what a troll was then and when a woman made fun of me and said, "Your posts are always so humorous" I knew enough to block her but quickly left the discussions and took my fool self out of these experiences.  Certainly a man with Google can't argue with a woman on a topic of this nature.  Still, I pursued my goal following my research and my belief and today, I am back in this group (well a baby brother of the original group) to say, SQUIRTING ISN'T PEE, doesn't come out of her pee pee, and is all around a wonderful experience!

I'm posting this DNFTT separate from my excited squirting post, because it's really just an illustration of how detrimental to the "support group" concept of EP some folks are when they choose to behave badly. 

married2bf married2bf
46-50, M
Aug 10, 2010