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My Wife Is A Squirter!

Now this is a real turn-on for me. I love to see a woman squirt all over the bed, floor or wherever they may be! I found out early on in our relationship (you know, the one before they stop doing the naughty things for a while!) that my wife squirted when the *******. Now I admit that when it comes to penetrative sex I rarely make a woman ****** (although I have had one *** from being ****** in the ***!) I love to finger and play with a woman’s ***** so much anyway, so it's not an issue. Anyway, I can get my wife to *** by inserting 2 or 3 fingers in to her **** and curling the fingers back toward the palm of my hand, by doing this I can apply pressure to her G-spot then all I have to do is pump my hand inside her and within a minute or two she is ready to ****** - I can always tell when she is near because she grips the bed sheets and gives out a loud "oooooooh!"
At this point I go at her like a piston engine, my fingers are going light-speed and she just erupts; *** gushes out of her like the proverbial waterfall and the wet, squelching sound makes me finger-**** her even more! The only down-side to this is that she takes a minute to come back down to earth and then she gets embarrassed by the mess she has caused! I only wish she understood that this is what turns me on (even though I tell her that it does) and that sometimes I feel she doesn't do enough in return? But that's a different story for another day!
Hips72 Hips72 36-40, M 28 Responses Jul 2, 2011

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MMMMMMMMMMMMM your wife sounds amazing, but I love it when a woman squirts in my mouth and get so turned on by this. It also feels great (not to mention a huge ego boost) when she squirts on my **** and balls. Do you share your wife? It sounds as if you two would enjoy stuffing two ***** in her ***** at the same time and I'll bet she squirts more than you've ever thought possible. :-)

A squirter you lucky dog. I love squirters .

I love women that squirt !! My gf is a squirter and loves squirting her *** all over me ! Sometimes I'll lay on the floor and **** her with a rabbit vibe as she stands over me. When she ready she squats over my mouth and squirts her sweet juice down my throat ! Awesome !

I would love to lick your wife's ***** till she **** all over my face

Sot hot when she squirts.

We put 3 layers of thick towels on the bed and my wife just soaks through them. We she gets on top (after 5 or 6) we are both soaked as well. Love the feel of her juices bathing me, especially when it runs down my balls and ***.

I have had one squirter in my life and it was you it was a total turn on for me.I love it and afterward I licked her ***** clean after she settled down a couple mins later.she was so sensitive.If I could find another squirter I think I would marry her.I loved your story ,you are so lucky to have a squirter,Yum.

I too had a squirter ! she squirted for me! never with any other man ! i love to have her squirt all over my hand , or my face (MMMMMMMM) or on my **** ! its awesome ! she squirted the best when i was ******* her hot tight *** hole as she played with her pretty ***** ! it is so hot and passionate ! we learned to use 2 beach towels in bed ! easier than changing the sheets all the time ! wink ! cheers to you ! gotta love a squirter !

My wife wants to squirt really bad. She thinks she does because she gets so wet but it is not the same as a squirter.

I love it. My wife is a squirter too and it drives me crazy. I love when she is riding my face and covers me in it.

Gotta love those ladies that squirt. YUM!!

i find it amazing and mysterious and hope I can find a Hispanic woman that can do that

It has only been a little over a year since I first had a woman squirt while I was giving her oral sex, and up until that time I had my doubts that there even WAS such a thing as female ***********. Sure, I had seen women gush large volumes of liquid a few times, but I just kinda though they were emptying their bladder and the idea of a woman PEEING on me didn't thrill me. But then it happened. I was one of two men joining a couple to please the wife, and when I was taking my turn performing ***********, she arched her back, pushed her ***** (and ****) hard against my face, and the gusher came! This sweet fluid covered my face, soaked my hair and filled my mouth, and there was NO doubt about it.... this was NOT urine! It tasted SO sweet, and was an amazing experience!!
I love to make this happen, though it is elusive. My own girlfriend is not much of a squirter (yet), and she's only squirted 3 times in her life, only once with me (and during sex, not oral), and I keep trying to make it happen again, but no luck so far. Though it varies from woman to woman, the trick seems to be in giving intense stimulation to the g-spot, with simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, with the tongue. With the woman on her back, I insert two fingers in her *****, palm-up, and as Hips72 describes, I curl the fingers up toward her pelvic bone (from the inside), and seek out that rough, bumpy patch of moist flesh that IS the g-spot... it's precise location varies a bit among women, but it's always in the same general area. Once you find it, stimulate it! What makes a woman squirm in delight is somewhat individual, so experiment. Some like a continues, firm pressure, but most prefer motion, and often the best results come with rapid motion. I think part of MY problem with this is that my fingers are well-trained enough to make the kind of RAPID motion that is needed to make most women gush. But even without the squirt, it makes the woman feel QUITE good! Some prefer a tapping sort of motion, others enjoy a side-to-side rubbing, but most seem to like a slight in-and-out motion, simulating how a penis would feel rubbing against it, if they could find a position where the penis would hit the right spot! Speaking of which, my penis does had a nice curve to it, and with the woman riding on top, if she leans way back, my tip CAN rub her g-spot, and I've had women squirt on me in THAT position several times, which is incredible as well! But it is even better to be able to TASTE their sweet *********, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

I would love to make my wife squirt but could never made it happen....anyone suggest how can i make it happen?

Try my technique, it may or may not work; every lady is different, that's why they are so magical!

i squirt and my cuckold loves me 2 squirt all over his face and in his mouth

Well darling, all I can say is that he is a man of good taste!

I love it when my wife squirts. Usually it will happen when I'm watching her **********, but my favorite is when I'm licking her ***** and she squirts all over my face and in my mouth. My **** gets so hard it feels like it will explode!

Id love to make her squit by ******* her with my HARD ****. Send me pics of her. I gave some of my wife n me. Email is

As an avid "squirter", I love to read about guy's perceptions and impressions of being with a squirter. I've had partners who absolutely loved it.. were extremely turned on and fascinated.... and those that were 'freaked out', and thought I was peeing on them. Naturally, the latter type were real 'thrill killers'... but those that relish getting drenched and actually LOVE making their partners *** hard and often will be richly rewarded. <br />
<br />
But may I suggest you forget the towels ... and go to the drugstore and get the type of pads they use for bedridden hospital patients. They have a very absorbent padding.. which has a protective plastic on one side. (very similar to puppy training pads found in pet stores, although these are more expensive). Those in the medical community know them as 'chucks', and they can be found in nearly any drugstore. <br />
<br />
These pads are disposable.... you have no 'soak through' to the bed, resulting in the debate on who gets the wet spot....and they don't require laundering.<br />
<br />
Just an idea. Oh... and a waterproof mattress liner is a good thing too, for those 'wet dreams'!! ;-)

i have tried that technique but not been able to get Melida to squirt. look at her pics....can you imagine what that ***** would look like squirting?

I know just how you feel my wife is also a squirter and when she gushes my mouth is there to catch all her juices!! Nothing makes me harder then tasting and smelling her ***** *** and i tell her that all the time! She has gotten over that shyness and now just floods me with all i want you should try rubbing your finger on and around her cervix hole that really sets mine off do that and lick her ******* and it will be running right down your throat!! Also have her ride your **** and she will gush and soak all over your ****,balls and legs!!

Please add me! I've been with a few squirters in my day and it's AWESOME. EVerything about the experience; the intensity of the ******, ***********, soaking wet sheets. Love it!!

One of my ex's used to squirt soo much (check out my story). One of her favorite ways was for me to lay on my back half way off the bed and she would climb on. When she squirted her warm juices would run down my belly and chest. Gawd it felt really good. Yes her squirting would soak the sheets and matress but we made adjustments ;)<br />
You should try different positions so that you hit her G spot (sometimes a little pressure from the palm of your hand on her pubic area might help).

WOW! Something I would like to experience. Sounds like you really know how to make your wife happy!

my ex-wife was a squirter. what's better? please add us.

Please add me so I can see that squirter. My ex was a squirter. The best was when she squirted on a friend. He was shocked!

You lucky man

lucky mn to have a wife that squirts, have you ever caught any in your mouth?

I just love the taste of my wife's **** juice, so I make sure I am on the receiving end of her gush whenever possible...Damn it, I'm feeling so horny just speaking about it!!!!!

like liike like

mmmmmmmm wish i could get a hold of me one like that :) i loveee oral sex & so have one that would squirt her *** jucies all over me or my facee??mmmm that would definitly work for me :) ... so any you ladys out there & are reading this & want to get a hold of me or just chat ?? go for it :) would love to hear from you

you are lucky. I had a girlfriend that squirted everytime by mouth hand and **** it was awesome. and she loved to squirt