A Staffy and a Jack Russell Terrier Put Down

Yesterday or today. In UK. A Staffordshire Bull-Terrier and a Jack Russell Terrier attacked and killed a baby who was left alone with the two dogs, whilst under the care of a grandparent. 

The dogs were reportedly not known to be vicious. They were destroyed.

Don't leave babies alone with dogs, no matter who the dog is.

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A loss all around.

ive got a staffy and a jack Russell.my dogs are extremely well behaved and very well trained.but, i would never ever ever leave my kids on their own with the dogs at all.i never have done.my staffy and my daughter have a strong bond.when she has night terrors i bring him to her so she can feel him near and make her feel safe, but never let him sleep with her.you can ever be 100 percent sure with any dog.its Russian roulette. xxxxxxx

i agree!!!!! horrible granny! thatz a granny fail!

Well these two were (reportedly) not known to be viscious or violent.. they were just normal everyday staffies.. lovely, affectionate, obedient breed of dog; but carnivorous and predatory like all canines.. They were left UNSUPERVISED with a tiny defenceless BABY.. That's just nutz; it's totally irresponsible; and the granny should have gone to jail for a veryyyyyy long time.

Oh noez! Thats horrible!! You see it on the newz all the time, peoplez getting upset because dogz are attacking, well if you train your dog to attack and be all tough then it will! Even a chihuahua will attackz if you train it to do so. <br />
So sad, just likez some peoplez shouldnt be parentz, some people shouldnt own dogz

Nice avatar, btw. ;P

mm, well I have to just say that the dogs in this story were not known to be violent or viscious. They were just left alone and unsupervised with an infant. NO DOG, no matter how well raised or trained should be left alone with an infant, ever. It's a carnivore! >.>

Yup. =/

This is why Pitbulls/Staffordshires have a bad name, you have irresponsible owners who do stuff like this, then people turn around and blame the dogs. UGH

Westies? What exactly do westies rock at? lol Westies as pets- IMO they do not rock. Westies as terriers rock. Staffies as terriers- do not rock. Staffies as pets do rock;... but must always be supervised if you want them to interact with your BABY. I hate how anyone could say it was an unusual pair of dogs, it's just something that is KNOWN to happen if dogs are left alone, unsupervised with tiny defenseless children.

Terriers rule...Westies rock.

Hmm... It is not the dogs. It's the owners. That was my point. They all have such wonderful potential. Staffies are even gentler than Rotties if they have a responsible owner. You would love a good Staffie, but in some places it is fashionable to keep dogs as weapons or for show.

Staffies are great dogs, but they are dogs, they are bull-terriers, not people. I think I should probably have put it in the "believe in responsible dog ownership" bit but I saw the group, and I love Staffies, so I joined, and then this is what was on my mind so it came out.

Yeah! I think Granny should have been 'destroyed' for leaving the baby with the terriers! (not really, but a bit.)<BR>I thought I'd share the story, as it just happened.