Missing Bug

I have to tell you this is one of the hardest stories I will probably have to write, however if I change just one persons view of Staffordshire's it will be worth it.

I had just lost my mother been kicked out of my home and about as depressed as I could be when a friend called me up and said she had a puppy that was in need of a home I said bring him to me. This is where I met Sampson a baby Stffordshire terrier. He was fawn in color with big brown eyes and one pointy ear. Sampson had been burned with a cigar and very abused in his short life and still was so happy and filled with strength (that's why I named him Sampson) he use to snort ants out of their wholes just to see they jump and chase bumble bee's because it was fun ( that's how the nick name BUG came about ). He was the best thing that happened to me!!!! Well about 2 years went by I got married . Sampson was my protector lets just say my marriage was anything but good. Sampson kept my husband away from me many times. Then when I got pregnant every night Sampson (BUG) would lay his head on my belly and wait for the baby to kick. When my daughter was born he use to bounce her to sleep when she was in the bouncer and lay there to make sure she didn't wake up. If she did he would bounce her some more. My daughter was his world. Then one day I got  knock on my door it was the sheriff of the town we lived in saying I had to get rid of BUG or they would confiscate him and have him destroyed because of his breed. I fought the town counsel for a month I tried to find a lawyer no one wanted to help a "Pit Bull". In the end I decided it was better if I found him a good place to go so I found a Pit Bull rescue that I thought would keep bug safe. There my Sampson went my child (or so it seemed ) but he was alive. So over the next 3 years I told everyone about this wonderful dog and how I only wish I could find him again. At this time I was divorced and in a different city. Then I got the phone call explaining that the shelter I use to work for had found BUG. But that he had been through hell and back! The rescue that was suppose to keep him safe had fostered him to a horrible woman that they ended up rescuing him from only to adopt him to the same woman. She had starved him left him in a yard with 2 aggressive dogs to be attacked and her boyfriend beat him regularly. With in a week I had him I HAD MY BUG BACK!!! At first he was a little timid and scared but he went right to Mailee and gave her a big kiss he never forgot her. The next 2 years have been filled with my daughter sharing her room with BUG , getting pulled on walks, sharing a bed with a 50 lb BUG. In other words WONDERFUL!!!! However during the week of the 13th of July 2009 I noticed some thing different about bug he was scared of everything starting to get aggressive towards dogs and growling at people he had known all his life ( never my daughter and I). Then on July 15th 2009 for no reason Sampson jumped an 8ft fence and attacked a female dog that had done nothing wrong. After this he was con fussed and scared again. I made an appointment with the vet the next day with the possibility of euthanasia hoping not. So July 16th 2009 I took my beloved Sampson into our Vet (who new him and loved him as well) to see what could be going on. She said that because he was as old as he was that he most likely had a mass in his frontal lobe causing the aggression and confusion. We gave him a sedative that would have a certain side affect if he did and to my horror the side affect was there. I was devastated I new what needed to be done no matter how bad I wanted to bring my bugger home this would be the last time I would ever get to hold him or kiss him. That my daughter was going to lose her best friend and my protector was going to have to say good by to me. So as I sobbed and sobbed telling him how much I loved him and thanking him for all that he brought into my life he smiled closed his eyes and was gone.

So Staffordshires are amazing dogs they not only get a bad rap but also many get a cruel life. My life was so much better with this amazing dog in it. I never once worried about my child and anyone for that matter. I can honestly say that Samson was the best dog I ever have had and I have had quite a few. I would not ever give up the memories with him and I will never stop fighting for this gentle, amazing, intelligent breed.

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Thank you for sharing your story. My little staffy is my world and she has been through a few things whilst being with me like being dognapped for one by some idiot who thought she would make a good fighting dog - my staffy is so not a fighting dog - I have not trained her to be one and would never do that anyway. xxx

That's a beautiful story.