If Laughing Isn't Happiness, Than It Disguises Well!

Are you bored or sad? Need a lift in your mood? Have you tried to listen to the standing "doctors" on the microphone? Then it's time to do that!

A good laugh is always healthy and can make your day more bright! Tune up your favorites comedians, humor programs or funny topics, it will feel good to tickle your ears by listening to the many artists whose careers are meant to bring out one of best emotions that the human being has to release: joy!

Whenever I'm having a grumpy day, I try to ease my annoying thoughts by laughing. It won't solve my concerns but I'll feel rejuvenated and I get to gather some boost to keep smiling on the next day.
In my case, I love to watch Louis CK and Dave Chappelle on the stage because they talk about things that I've thought or experienced before but never noticed how fun it would be to reflect them out loud! I can context myself within their words and realize how hilariously, but truthful, is life in certain circumstances... That's what the best stand up comedy has to give - distort the raw reality in to "disguised happiness".
CarlBN CarlBN
Dec 2, 2012