I remember when I was younger, my family would go out to the drive-in theater and sit in the bed of the truck and watch our movies. Usually one of the movies I wouldn't have an interest in and so I would just stare at the sky.

Then when I was a little older and I got a trampoline, I would go out late at night and just lay out on it and stare at the sky watching the stars move.

Now I just sit out on the back porch or sometimes lay in the cool grass and watch the stars.

I know close to nothing about stars, I just love staring at them. They are just...beautiful and have a calming effect. It seems like you could just take some friends and lay out under the stars just reflecting on life and other things and that's all you would need. There is just something amazing and peaceful about star gazing.
Ghost218 Ghost218
22-25, F
Sep 14, 2012