I just spent tonight sitting on my roof looking at the stars. This is quite possibly one of my favorite things to do. Watching for shooting stars and being so surprised yet excited when I actually see one. Watching the clouds roll past the moon. It always leaves me in awe and inspires me to write while im sitting up there. Its nice to have such a quiet peaceful place to go and think sometimes. 

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It can be so inspiring and tranquill too. I also love watching the sky at night.

That is so true. Most times the simplest things are the things i love most in life and are what make me happiest i just think that i lose sight of those things sometimes. You are right about the beach though. I absolutely love doing that. Plus the beach in general is one of my favorite places.

I love doing that at the beach. Nothing in the way to screw up your view. Just find a place away from the lights on the coast. Then gaze at the sky while being seduced by the sound of the ocean and maybe the crackling of a small camp fire.<br />
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I find that many of the best things cost very little or no money at all. Yet so often we spend a great deal to amuse ourselves.