Party Like A Vulcan!

Has anyone seen these shirts??  I found them as I was online doing some browsing for memorabilia to add to our already fairly extensive collection.  Why? 

Because WE'RE THROWING OUR VERY FIRST STAR TREK DINNER PARTY!!! I'm so incredibly psyched! *grin*  I've rented a moonbounce so that guests can do a "spacewalk" -- and I've confirmed that our guests will be delighted by some surprise late drop-ins -- a couple of "professional" KLINGONS!!  We apparently have a few interest groups in the area who do the regular 'con circuits and host Klingon feasts and jails.

This party can't come soon enough!!
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The dinner party went off w/out a hitch on 7/16. Weather was perfect, guests arrived promptly. We had tons of food -- too much actually! The Romulan Ale we got from Amazon online enjoyed mixed success. I'm not a fan of energy drinks -- but the homemade Cardassian Sunrise punch was a hit! :-)<br />
<br />
We got a lot of comments from skeptics on the guest list, that they had expected gaudy, garish & over-the-top, and were surprised that Star Trek home decor could seem so . . . well . . conservative. It's not that we didn't have tons of collectibles and touchables (we LOVED the way the Tribbles terrified the unsuspecting) -- but it was generally agreed that the display was in good taste. <br />
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We left most of the stuff -- including the Trek Xmas Tree up -- 'cause we like it! :-) Maybe we'll take the tree down by Christmas.

I remember working at HP when they used to have BIG worker SNG parties....never made it since I was a contractor...but woulda been fun

@ TouchThySoul - Sure, I saw it on Amazon:<br /><br />
<br />
@muchamas - ohhhhh what wouldn't I give for an hour in your basement! *laughing* We've had great fun collecting. Unfortunately, we DID open many of the boxes - couldn't resist playing with the toys. It's nice to get them out of the basement for a bit!

I have a storage shed filled with Star Trek TNG action figures, games, all sorts of stuff.. I collected for yrs and then it all ended up in boxes.. much of it is still in original packages. I have given away or sold most of the ships but I think there may be some left. I literally have thousands of dollars worth of Star Trek TNG stuff.. I had more but the nephews and neices rummage through it when they visit. I have some really neat vintage TNG games that have never been opened. They would be great for a Star Trek theme party. I also have all the klingon language tapes.. just remembering all the fun times I had at conventions makes me want to go dig through the boxes to see what is left.

:O do you happen to know what site you saw those shirts on?

I love Star Trek TNG too! I actually have a trek tattoo of a com badge.

ColorMeVibrant,<br />
That sounds like a whole lot of fun! <br />
I adore Star Trek especially the Next Generation. OR I should say the men of Next Generation, the looks of Ryker, the brain of Picard, the strength of a Worf and Data (no idea how he fits) but he is kind of cute too. Although I must say, Enterprise was kind of entertaining too! Am I a weird nerdy Star Trekkie or does anyone else think like that?