Hooked On The Next Generation

Though I watched Star Trek with Kirk and Spock I was not really hooked on it. But when Star Trek Next Generation came out then I was hooked. The cast was great and Data was my favorite. But what hooked me was that there were better story line's and the special effect's were more realisitic. I have not watched any of the follow up show's as they just dont have the same appeal.
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1 Response Dec 26, 2010

You should give Voyager a chance man. You will like it I promise. Now that it's been a while? C'mon who's it gonna hurt? Maybe if you watched a later episode with 7 of 9? he he<br />
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I would have to agree that TNG was the best series as far as plot line and production value. They worked hard to set the trend for subsiquent shows. <br />
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The original is a classic and James T. Kirk will always be the better captain no doubt. But you said it, Data. Data made that show great. And I do have to say I am a lieutenant Barkley fan and except unlike Barkley I would totally not be afraid to get some Betazoid Action if you know what I mean eh eh eh?<br />
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LOL I'm telling you Voyager has some great episodes you just gotta give it a chance. <br />
But you don't have to take my word for it<br />
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