Hooked On The Next Generation

Though I watched Star Trek with Kirk and Spock I was not really hooked on it. But when Star Trek Next Generation came out then I was hooked. The cast was great and Data was my favorite. But what hooked me was that there were better story line's and the special effect's were more realisitic. I have not watched any of the follow up show's as they just dont have the same appeal.
Robert1256 Robert1256 51-55, M 1 Response Dec 26, 2010

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You should give Voyager a chance man. You will like it I promise. Now that it's been a while? C'mon who's it gonna hurt? Maybe if you watched a later episode with 7 of 9? he he

I would have to agree that TNG was the best series as far as plot line and production value. They worked hard to set the trend for subsiquent shows.

The original is a classic and James T. Kirk will always be the better captain no doubt. But you said it, Data. Data made that show great. And I do have to say I am a lieutenant Barkley fan and except unlike Barkley I would totally not be afraid to get some Betazoid Action if you know what I mean eh eh eh?

LOL I'm telling you Voyager has some great episodes you just gotta give it a chance.

But you don't have to take my word for it