First Time Fan!

 So my mom back in her day was a pretty hardcore trekkie , and i had always made so much fun of her for it . One day during summer i flipping through channels and it got stuck on spike , and guess what show was having an all night marathon? Haha! So needless to say after several hours of some pretty awesome episodes i was hooked! I watched it everyday from 4-6 for the rest of summer!! All my friends made fun of me , and my mom called me a late "trekkie" bloomer, and soon i was quoting "resistance is futile" all the time. So of course i was totally upset when i went back to school in august and the times changed!! I could no longer watch my episodes right as i got home , so with a little haggling i got my  mom to buy DVR which i love , so now i can watch all my favorite episodes all the time!!

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

Trekkies Forever!!! Thank you for sharing*** I Love Star Trek...everyone of the movies and the series! Trkkie Hugs, LW