Hi, everyone! I just got the complete 1st season of Enterprise and I have a question. A stupid one, but pardon my ignorance, in advance.

Starships need anti-matter to work, right? And deuterium. And spare parts. As the first and only Earth ship to go that far into does the Enterprise "refill her gas tanks" and gets spare parts for repairs?

Thank you.



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I think they must have a parts replicator, like their food replicator. Instead of asking for a cup of earl gray tea, they ask for a galactic grade oil filter. Presto!

Maybe they "beam it up"? ha ha ha - good question.

i like to science fiction movies but when they need service or spare parts what they do ? .. its nice its an business opportunity .. and i am thinking to launch a service station for star shape spare parts .. lol........

This story makes me smile. I love us geeks.

They come back to earth. They even do this in TNG and mingle it with a vacation. Though they mostly stopped at outposts in TNG.