I have to admit that I loved the original Star Trek as a kid. Then I guess you could say that I sort of grew out of it. I didnt even give a second thought to watching it again. Then, when I met my husband, he was a big star trek fan. He got me involved in watching the original star trek again and watching all the movies out there. Now, I wouldnt change it for the world. I love to watch star trek at any given moment. He turned me into a big star trek fan. This is something that he and I share together and I love it!!!
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Yes, the original really rocked... none of the new spinoffs even come close to the raw originality and drama, those great musical scores... special effects may have been cheesy as hell, but even that was part of the charm! All the new spinoffs are sterile and boring by comparison.

Youve got that right Bass hun! I like the episode.....The Trouble with Tribbles!! lol It was just too funny!

Favourite classic? "A piece of the action" Gangsters mixed in with science fiction and a little comedy. What's not to like?

What about the one with dude who was made out of tar? <br />
<br />
And they had that same guy on TNG didnt they?

Favorite classic Trek eps anyone?

I love the original. Its a great piece of work.

I still love it but get more pumped if I have someone else who wants to go through the old ones with me too. I just did that a couple years ago, with my g/f at the time! It sounds just like your story!

7 of 9 is just perfection!!!!

oh ya, 7 of 9... good old Jeri Ryan. Man she had a huge rack

I read a book on how hard it was for Gene Roddenberry [sorry Gene, if thats spelled wrong ]] to get the show on T.V. they first took it to n.b.c. I think it was ..they turned it down ..for "Lost in Space"<br />
<br />
N.B.C. dorks...but then we did watch both who's the 'dork' ..right...Star Trek...much better quality show...

7 of 9! Need I say more? =)

Martok was the shizzle. What about that hot chick from Bajor that Rom married. Man, now she was sexy!

This thread is morphing into something...hmmm, Klingons, Martok, growling...mmmm. Does that make me really strange?

I never saw Enterprise. I think when that came out, I was old enough for the ***** clubs

I really liked Enterprise. It had classic trek feel with better SFX ;^)<br />
(& T'Pol was wicked hot!)

Tad before my time too silver, but the magic of reruns! I think DS9 is one of my favorites.

yeah; I can see why Kid. It was a weird movie that I would like to watch when I am not trying to **********.

Those guys were cute & smart, but Kirk! Those bedroom eyes, and slick grin....!!

The original series was before my time. I got into the movies and the TNG and DS9. I think I got interested when I saw one of the girls in that show in a miniskirt. That was awesome.

C3P0 was based off of Eve in that ;^)

Cool. You have definatley piqued my interest now!

you should. it made me feel all crazy for the present future. Some writers are omnipresent. It is just weird; about Babylon; robots becoming human...

Nope, never have. Maybe I will check it out.

Weekends growing up; my dad and I would watch it. He still quotes Kirk. I love the method acting. Have you ever seen "Metropolis"? It is a silent movie. Weird and symbolic. I watched some of it last night before bed. It is pretty weird...

Heehee, only a trekkie would know that one!!

Yes you are right sweetie!! ;) Live long and prosper!! Beam me up scotty!!! lmao

There is something about it that sucks you right in. I'm a trekkie, too. Live long and prosper.