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Han Solo

To tell the truth, Han Solo was the real reason I watched the original Star Wars trilogy.

Harrison Ford, at 34, 37 and 40, was a sight to behold.  : )

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oh yeah... i'm not gay, but this man.. yes, he's something else. there are a few with this kind of appeal and Harrison Ford is most definitely one.

I agree, my dear FS!! :-)

Anything in the 6ft region is a bonus!! :-) And coupled with Harrison's looks, well...what can I say....rawr!!! :-)

I know Luke Skywalker was supposed to be the main attraction (btw, I think he went to same high school I did), but Harrison Ford as Han, and then as Indiana in the Raiders series was...well... delicious!!!!

I wouldn't care if he was my great-grandpa - still a totally hot hunk of man!! :-)

And I believe George Lucas discovered him when Harrison Ford was working on his house for some kind of landscaping company.

Oh, yeah, the man was a freakin' god!!! Totally blazin' hot, HOT, H-O-T!!! ;-)