Being Part Of History

I was there when Star Wars came out and stayed with it through its evolution and reincarnations. I remember playing with a "light saber" as a child which was nothing more than a couple of scoth towel rolls slid one into the other.

I had the full collection of original action figures that i played with each and every day, alas I lost them in a house fire when I was a teenager, now I have a few stacked away in a box still in their original packaging.

Now I watch the movies again and see so much more then the action and special effects; I see the ideas of the Jedi, the struggles between good and evil and that the world between these two forces is not black and white but rather a varied shade of grey.

Star Wars WAS and still IS a very large part of me in many ways, to the point where I believe more in the idea of "the force" then I do the idea of some all powerful being watching over us and allowing for manking to use his name to hurt people and destroy families.
Falcran Falcran
41-45, M
Apr 20, 2012