Not Your Average Hans Solo

Today, I took my beautiful almost 19 year old and her boyfriend to Le Cordon Bleu, so she could finish things up for school. Basically this meant, I drove to their house. She lives with him, his Mom, her cat Hemi, a kitten, a snake, an American Bulldog and Chihuahua and I am not sure who else. I am just familiar with the animals because I was reluctant to let her have possession of her fat cat. Another story another time.

So I pick them up, and being the nice Mom I am, I let her drive, she needs the experience and let him have shot gun. Yes I had to ride in the middle van seat(Dodge Minivan)and I hate riding here because of the distorted view but I did anyways. As we were driving, somehow the subject of her dream of a Star Wars themed wedding came up and I asked The Boyfriend, who is 6ft, not skinny with very long blonde hair, is he Hans Solo? So he deferred sweetly to his girl friend, am I? She didn't know how to answer. She's Leia, in white and not the metal bikini(that's for the honeymoon) but wondered if she would really go traditional or what. So I have elected to now call him Hans, affectionately of course.

She is now in enrolled in Pastry School, if I didn't know better I would say it was for the sole purpose of being able to recreate elaborate ships, characters for scenes from the movies. Because she and I did go to Stars Weekend at Walt Disney World, where the gazed for a very long time at the Millennium Falcon, that's in Lego Land, dreaming of Duff Goldman- Charm City Cakes(Ace of Cakes) making her one, for the second time in a year. But I really think she wants to let her artistic talent free. Will be nice on the wedding budget if she did make her own cake and grooms cake. Just saying.
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May 11, 2012