Heck Yes I Do. ...

Heck yes I do. I'm one of these nerds that goes on and on and quotes the movie during conversations. I have a collection of Star Wars models.

My happy day I remember was a man rewarding me for handing in his wallet to the police station... it was full of a lot of money and credit cards and he rewarded me. Gosh, I only did what any normal person would do. But anyway, I used the reward money to buy all 6 Star Wars dvds... I've seen them so many times now. My favourite is definitely Return of the Jedi.

And I love Ewoks :P
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Cute little fellas, they are.

Star Wars episode IV was food I loved the X-wing fighters and some of the TIE intersepter. Out of the original 3 films I liked Empire Strikes Back. Jedi was ok I could have done without the ewokes if they could have found a more agressive yet willing to fight along side the rebebles. Those ewokes just were too lame to me. My favorites are Attack of the clones cause yoda has an awsome fight scene with Duku at the end. Revenge was good I loved the battle in the opening of the movie, then Obi-wan's fight wiith grevous, Yodas fight with Darth Sideous, and then there is Obi-wan and Anikans fight. In Star Wars new hope well that was just awsome, Empire was good, Clone wars was good you get to see where all the storm troopers come from, and Revenge the battles and fight scenes beat them all!

Me and my boyfriend looove star wars. we have at least 5 lightsabers. including 2 licensed ones.<br />
And we spar all the time. <br />
he'll be like <br />
"baby can u get me some milk?" <br />
me: "No." <br />
him: "What!?" <br />
*stares at each other for 20 seconds*<br />
Then we'll both run for our lightsabers and meet each other in a clash of red and green :D:D <br />
Thats how u do it lol

Oh, my.. I would love to have all 6 Star Wars movies! My favorite one is A New Hope. I just love how it hard to believe it was made in the 70's. Me and my sister like to redo the "luke, I am your father" scene. This is how we do it. <br />
<br />
Luke- You killed my father...<br />
Darth Vader- No Luke, I am your father..<br />

Give me the Wicket teddy!!! I'm so jealous now :(