Me and a Next Generation Star Wars Lover

ive been a star wars fan since i was about collectible collection has quadrippled in the last 12 my 4yr old son is getting into the movies and it is the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my youngest(8 1/2 mos) likes watching the latest movie, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", because of the animation and sound effects...hopefully his love of Star Wars will grow from a young age, younger than i was when i started watching them, and will have his whole lifetime to appreciate them.

littlerichard02 littlerichard02
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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

it is one of the greatest things ever since he is my stepson and while me and my wife have been together over two years, its nice knowing that hes liking something i do, besides sports

This is a GREAT story! Thank you for sharing!! I am a DIE HARD Star Wars fan, and I too have a 4 year old that loves these movies. It is so nice knowing that I grew up on this, and now my son is enjoying this. It is a GREAT feeling.