Move Along

I never got to see the 1st star wars in the cinema 1st time around ... it was a year after i'd watched the empire strikes back afore i'd seen it all in one sitting...oh dont be to alarmed for me... i'm not a star wars geek... hardly life threatening. I did vow never to let that happen again though. Digressing a tad.. I was browsing in EP the other night as we do and came across some if your life was a t-shirt or something what would it say, bear with me here... so i started looking through the usual banter of varying styles most of which never got the jist of the titled subject, some funny others i wanted to take into a dark room and i the only one returning, and then i found one that i'm gonna get made for a friend of mine who is a star wars geek, it said " these are not the breasts your looking for...move along "...... well i thought it funny !

kyle4play kyle4play
41-45, M
Apr 1, 2010