One More Try......

Well after reading lots of stories, and comments.
I have to say I got a little emotional.
Then one of u guys gave me some hope.
It could be the end of my marriage,
But I am going to try one more time.
In 2 weeks from now I reserve a nice hotel in the city
Beautiful San Francisco and a very romantic dinner for us, by the bay.
Something very sexy about this town.
And of course, yes I will wear something very sexy....:)
I hope that my husband appreciate everything on that weekend.
But for sure I don't think I can take anymore rejection...
But for now I am going to think positive to survive.
And hope for the best.....:)
Smileface Smileface 36-40, F 2 Responses Mar 13, 2012

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Just wondering if you had a good time? I wouldn't take you for granted just sayin. Hope all is well, and you find true happiness.

Goof for you! Best of luck, Good plan. he is lucky to have such a nice time planned.