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Writers Block

For those of us who are writers one of the worse curses that can happen is to become a total blank as to what we want to compose next .

Not being able to remember most of ones past is even more trouble .
Paschar Paschar 61-65, M 5 Responses Apr 19, 2012

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I feel I am good at writing and have a very good imagination, i'm just very bad at procrastination. I have several talents and seems I could never pick just one, I was always jumping from one to another. I now regret doing this because I feel if I hadn't, I would have accomplished much more in my life.

Several talents , Why settle for just the practice one and go ahead with the gifts you have been given , As long as one is still alive anything can still be done .

Well, years ago a professional told me to pick just one and stay with it. This sorta threw me off from doing any of them for sometime. I then totally stopped one all together and have just spuratically done the others over the last few years. Of course I was going through some very bad personal situations concerning family, and then a divorce, and then more family problems, plus trying to survive along the way. This all hindered my so called talent plus, clouding my mental state. It was pretty unfortunate and such a waste for me.

hartfire that was an amazing and wonderful diatribe on how to annihilate writer's block! I don't think i have ever experienced it. I don't have any memory blocks of the past but i also have interests and dreams of the present and future. They are always worth writing about too. Part of the purpose of therapy is to restore one's memories that have been repressed? Are they better left alone? or uncovered through therapy? Only the individual can decide for themselves. Theoretically i would think that once uncovered they could be dealt with and a happy and healthy outcome could then pervade the consciousness of the user and aide in healing them. I'm sure this does not apply to everyone. Just a thought. <br />
<br />
If a person has achieved a certain peace of mind in their lives then maybe that is the place in which to dwell. In the present and the future in peace :) Is there any truth to the quote that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it? If this is the truth then one could wait for their subconscious mind to reveal the past to them. They just have to be aware and pay attention. Maybe the mind will awaken itself on its' own. Ahhhh the possibilities are endless :)

That's great, Paschar!!!!!!! That's what input from friends does....puts a little spark on the flame of inspiration.

I agree with that Rolle - input from friends gives new perspective and sparks that flame of inspiration indeed, very nicely put. Perception and acceptance of different perceptions of others can bend the mind in very interesting ways. Depending on the subject matter, there can be some very deep conversations on this. That is what can be great about EP too. A person proposes an idea and then goes on to find out how many different views can be gathered about it. Usually a delightful experiment.

That's why I keep a journal. I tend to block out things that are painful, and I find that when I go back and read my journals whole sections of my memory are restored.

Rolle2323 , Between you and hartfire I think I have a new idea for my own story in regards to my own recovery process of the last 22 years .

That is wonderful to hear Paschar and seems like it will produce a great breakthrough for you! Please let us know how it goes :)

This always strikes me as odd.<br />
What to write about? Forgetting the past? The present is so rich! Look at EP... its a present day science fiction story in it's own right. The work a certain mensch does with dyslexia has many angles to write about, not least being the desperate emotional struggle of such young people to be heard, understood and treated with decent friendliness in the EP environment. How about the experience of a conservative or orthodox Jewish intellectual living in a nation of philistines and yet never losing his love of humanity? How about the theme of corruption and decadence in American life... a modern day version of Huckleberry Finn?<br />
Some where within each of us are the values we are passionate about, our biggest questions and doubts... these too make themes that are compulsively interesting to others... or at least to me.<br />
Supposing one is in the midst of a novel... it usually has a plot with an intended outcome, a set of characters whose behaviour may or may not be predictable, and a general idea of how the story moves from A to B.<br />
So is it not the case that, like constructing a sculpture or composing a piece of music, the more written, the less infinite the choices are? The work begins to dictate itself with a certain necessity so that the whole works as one. There are choices in paragraphs, conversations, details of scenes; ways to make words work with beauty, to surprise and engage the reader.<br />
Is it not enough to simply sit down and start writing on that theme, literally saying nothing of any worth, and before long the mind starts to flow of its own accord?<br />
I suspect the problem of writer's block may be the inner editor, the one that says "No, that's not good enough." Blocks of censorship build walls and dam the flow of creativity. Give the censor a holiday. Let the river flow, and then when it is really free, invite the editor to come for a fishing trip.