O.o The Red Dye...

the red dye that starbucks uses in their drinks is made from crushed bugs... uh ewwww
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Yet another reason to avoid Starbucks. There's so many *real* coffeehouses with better coffee anyway.

nahhhh i still love starbucks

Really? Why? Check out your local coffeehouse sometime and you'll never go back there.

hmm... well this is interesting. Im glad I dont order anything red at starbucks...

me too

I'm personally not bothered by it.<br />
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It could be so much worse than beetles. I'm a little frustrated that so many people complained over it that the company stopped; If people don't like the item...then don't buy it. Nobody's making anyone drink or buy it.<br />
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There's so much more serious stuff going on in the world that deserves attention/complaints, not the ingredients in a drink.<br />
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They're beetles, not decaying roaches or feces (I'm not trying to sound rude -- that wasn't my intention.)

I meant to say bugs, not beetles. But point being.....

FYI here's the article that spawned his question. I guess. <br />
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It seems that Starbucks is stopping the use of cochineal red dye and is going to use ketchup instead. Oops. I meant lycopene.

oh ok i heard it on the news so i figured ide say something

Well, I hate to tell you, but almost all red coloring in foods, cosmetics, etc are made from beetles. Most people aren't aware of this and that the names - cochineal extract, carmine, crimson lake, natural red 4, C.I. 75470, E120, or even natural colouring refer to the dye that comes from the insect. Too many synthetic red dyes were poison - carcinogenic. You've probably been eating beetle for years. So it isn't just Starbucks. Think about that the next time you are eating red-velvet cake or pink icing. :) lol

Haha! The perfect reply!!

Ok... I am going to pretend I never read your post so that I may enjoy the things I like to eat in peace &gt;_&gt;;

I don't worry about it either - it hasn't hurt me yet. I love red velvet cake! :)

ur welcome