I Cannot Believe You Love Starbucks

I have tried their coffee and could not believe that they have built a world wide franchise on the coffee they serve. Believe me I love coffee! I make it at home and enjoy it. I make it for my wife, my family and my friends and they all come back for more. I know what good coffee tastes like and have enjoyed the beverage in many small coffee houses in England, Europe and Australia. On the few occasions that I have tried the drink in Starbucks I have always been disappointed. Indeed, the last time I visited one was when waiting for my daughter in the middle of London. I was early and it was a cold day so I looked for the nearest warm venue to our rendezvous. It was a Starbucks. I took a chance that the barista might know his trade and ordered an Americano with cold milk - nothing complicated! It was vile! After a couple of disbelieving mouthfuls I had to leave the rest and hurry out to find a shop where I could find some peppermints to rid my mouth of the awful taste. Once again my opinion of Starbucks was confirmed - they do not know how to make good coffee! They display a sign asking customers to tell them how they would like their coffee. I would like mine drinkable.
Michael A Colgan
sinistra69 sinistra69
56-60, M
1 Response May 15, 2012

Starbucks has 100's of coffee chocies try their organic mix or flavor mixes.