Taylor Swift And Starbucks

So I walk into the local Starbucks right? And I lean over the counter a little to tell the cashier guy my order/name. "Hey I'd like a uhhhhhh" Cause you always gotta **** off the person behind you. UHHH anyways. "I'd like a uhh white chocolate frap." and he looks at me and hes like "Oh girl i love that one! whats your name darling?" I smirk and whisper "Taylor Swift" he puts the empty cup down "Girl. you know how much trouble you gon get in?" he then writes the name and passes on my cup. I pull out my sun glasses and slide em on. I sit down in the back and pull out my phone and start acting like in texting. then out of no where "TAYLOR SWIFT YOUR COFFEE IS READY"
"O.M.G. TAYLOR IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I turn around and look at the cashier and hes laughing his butt off. I slowly get up and walk over to the counter. "sweetie.I'm her manager." take the coffee and RUN!
I was CHASED out of the coffee shop and into a public bathroom. i lock myself in a stall and pull my hair up in a pony tail. change my shirt and pants (which i had in my purse) and walk out. theres a crowd of girls. and slowly everyone starts asking questions.
"Where was that girl? "
"whered she go?"
I laughed..."What girl?"
3...2...1......someone throws there ice cold coffee at me..
BubbiBunneh BubbiBunneh
18-21, F
Jul 1, 2012