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This is just to let you know that the multi-billion dollar company Starbucks, does not protect its customers by having cameras in their stores. They do however, protect their own investment (i.e. money in cash registers, tip jars, etc.) by placing cameras in those locations. I was sitting in one of their stores this past Monday night studying for my boards' exam when 2 men came into the store and literally ripped my laptop and another woman's lap top out of our hands and ran. The men are known to hang around this shopping center from time to time and got away with about $5,000 in computers/software, and the other lady had 3 years worth of college school work on her laptop and flash drive stolen. The police told us the best we could hope for was for someone to pawn them and the serial numbers to pop up as stolen. If there were cameras, it would be different story as we know where these guys live and saw them run into their apartment complex with the computers. Starbucks answer? "Can we please send you some gift cards for Starbucks?". Thanks. NO - put up computers to protect your customers and not just your money. What would have happened if these ballsy guys had started shooting the people who were chasing them? Definitely not safe. While I know this does not happen all that often, it does happen and people need to realize this. I don't know many stores of their financial caliber who do not have such measures in place - especially in large cities (this was in Houston, Texas).
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This is not true. I had a very similar situation and Starbucks used their cameras to detect the man who had gone into my car in the parking lot while I got coffee. PERHAPS YOU WERE NOT AT A CORPORATE STARBUCKS. TRY AGAIN.

Conrak33 -

Have the Houston Police Department report to prove it. Not all StarBucks have cameras. As for "corporate starbucks" - got one for ya there too - I spoke personally with one of the area managers and she explained to me that it's the original Starbucks in Houston. They just never had cameras installed. I hope you never have the same experience that I had. Have a great evening!! :)

The starbucks near me got their tip jar stolen

You should really move to a better area. And if you saw them run into their apartment building you would have your computer back. You followed them to a building you don't know whose building