I Don't Even Like the Tast...

I don't even like the taste of their coffee - I don't know what everybody is so enamored about!
moxiesurvivor moxiesurvivor
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7 Responses Jun 3, 2007

Well yes... you are probably actually as old as my grandma. You sound like you are spry enough in spirit to keep up with an 18 year old wife, though. <br />
<br />
I really wanted a June wedding...<br />
<br />
Take your daughter's advice!

Wow, best proposal I've had all my life! We'll have to get together and discuss this. I'd love to move to OR!<br />
I'm old enough to be your grandmother though. How do you feel about May - December weddings? LOL<br />
My daughter keeps telling me, "Mom, what you need is a good woman". Hmmmmmm!

You say "enamored" and "brouhaha". Marry me?

Dear Lost C, I love coffee - I just don't see what the brouhaha about Starbucks is all about. Their coffee tastes burnt to me. I have relaxed my "rules" since we first started this thread - and have had some good coffee in the last week or so. I love iced coffee in the summertime. But, this morning, I'm having my tea. I love chai tea also - yum. Nothing like a coffee flavored Nips candy either! Yum.

i'm not very good at making sacrifices to the diet god. therefore anything coffee never sits around long... though i will admitt that i am a huge fan of chai tea. actually tea in general... hee hee. but then again i guess i am liquid oriented- but that perfect cup o' joe will forever hold my heart. ahhhh.... <br />
oh right. sorry moxie... it's cool about you not liking coffee. i know a few people who don't. just thought since i enjoy it so much i would be a pain and give you a hard time.... *cheesy grin*

Oh no, not make you cry - that would be disasterly!! I believe in live and let live. Was just being my tactless self. I do drink tea now and am learning to love it. I make my own blends. Half green tea and half other types of tea. I gave up soda to the diet god but do enjoy a nice glass of pure water - that is the best!

oh moxie, are you trying to make me cry? ;) <br />
that's alright. what be your beverage of choice then? tea? soda? good ol H2o?