Standing Date

I love traditional cafe's the best, but Starbucks is about the best my neighborhood has to offer in it's sea of chain restaurants. 

Every Saturday, after Jazzersize, I have a standing date with my BF for coffee and a sweet slice of their lemon loaf. 

I've come to love these stolen moments each week.

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4 Responses Feb 21, 2009

~ official Coffee Snob ~

I love Starbucks too. I used to work there, so I was spoiled now I won't drink any other kind!!

I want a REAL Cafe - Dammit... But the coffee is So Goood.. I can't resist <br />
<br />
~ Tall Skinny Vanilla Late' please ~

Those "stolen moments" are the most precious. I wish we had a good coffee shop around, I miss sipping gourmet coffee and listening to the amateur songwriters and poets...