Dirty Chai

"Grande Iced Solo Soy Dirty Chai, please."

I love Starbucks because you can have an order that takes serious lung capacity just to get out and not only will the person behind the register completely regurgitate it to the Barista, but the Barista will say it again just to make sure he got it right.  On top of that, they do it with a smile and don't make you feel like an ******* for having such a high maintenance order.

Also, since I've started ordering my new favorite drink, a Dirty Chai, they all seem to get a nice little chuckle out of it.  I will gladly shell out the $5.42 for my coffee drink because Starbucks makes my day.  Every day.
LittleTigress LittleTigress
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2007

I literally just learned about this phenomena!!! From my mother in-law nonetheless!! Absolutely freaking delicious!!! I can't wait to get another. I've yet to have a drink that I hated at Starbucks; however, some of the locations make superior drinks than others. The one near my house is AWESOME!!!<br />
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There are a few things in life that just happen to us and we can say I it is all good:<br />
One of those thigs is Starbucks coffee drinks!<br />
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My favorites are those with caramel or mint chocolate.<br />
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