When I was a little girl, the little town we lived in had one little shop that sold both toys and office supplies.  One side of the shop held the toys, the other held the office supplies. 

Once in a while, my mum would give me a little pocket money (not much, just a pound or two) and take me to this shop telling me to buy whatever I liked.  Silly, odd little me, would be just as likely to spend it on the pens and paper than the colouring books, and playdo (remember that stuff!!). 

I remember once having an argument with the shop assistant because I'd clapped my eyes on those office notepads that come with carbon paper, (you could make copies of whatever you wrote or drew from one sheet of paper onto the one below).  My little artist soul wanted this paper to play with as I drew pictures or wrote my little stories, but of course the assistant didn't understand this, she thought I didn't know what I had chosen "this is just notepaper, love.  For when you work in an office!  Wouldn't you rather have the pretty pink doll, or the colouring book full of cartoon characters?"  Nope!!! I wasn't budging, I knew what I wanted and I had my money all ready to pay for it, 

Nowadays, the adult me still gets a thrill out of new pens and pencils, fancy writing paper, art supplies.  The aesthetics involved in putting pen to paper, in how the ink interacts with the paper and all the tools involved in allowing creativity are equally as fascinating to me as any of the end results.   

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I know what you mean. All who know me well, know that I would rather a gift of paper and pen or pencils, than jewelry or flowers. I don't wear jewelry and prefer flowers in the garden where they belong. But ah, give me paper and pen. Yes!!!!