I'm Absolutely In Love With Pencils!

In this time and age where writing predominantly means "typing", I guess I must sound a little quirky when I express my love for pencils! I guess it started when I was in elementary school when my mom would get me those colorful eraser tipped pencils and it was a joy to feel the smoothness of graphite eroding on paper. Something felt amazing about the whole process of writing with a pencil. For such an unassuming apparatus, the pencil seemed to have captured my mind right then and there! 

The years have rolled away and school became college and then University came in and I still am wont to turning to pencils for taking notes and any other random doodles!

Though people around me shake their heads and tell me, I spend my savings buying pencils, I quickly retort - I am a connoisseur in the making and my area of expertise happens to be the humble Pencil.
ashamoothedath ashamoothedath
1 Response Jan 9, 2011

Thank you for this ode to the pencil. I am equally passionate about its inky cousin, so I can appreciate your feeling. Well said!